YouTube is privatizing the dislike count, but the dislike button will remain

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YouTube announced today that it will privatize the count of dislikes in both video and live streams. The image showed, there will be a Dislike button next to the Like button and people will still be able to dislike the video. But viewers are not shown the number of dislikes. However, the creators can still see the number of dislikes in the studio.

YouTube said the move follows an experiment conducted in July this year to see if a change in the dislike count could help creators better protect themselves from harassment And reduce dislike attacks, where people can increase the number of dislikes on a producer’s video.

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After the experiment, it was found that hiding the number of dislikes made people less likely to target the video’s dislike button to increase the number. And the data showed a decrease in dislike attack behavior. It also received feedback from small creators’ YouTube channels. That they were inappropriately target by malicious attacks, and their experiment confirmed this.

  • Even if creators want to understand how their content is performing. They can still find their exact number of dislikes in YouTube Studio.
  • Viewers can still opt out of videos to further personalize and tune in to your recommendations. The only change being that you won’t be able to see the number of dislikes on the video.
  • Developers using the YouTube API for Dislikes will no longer have access to public disliked data from December 13th. End users will still be able to see the disliked data related to their own content on authenticated API requests.

A new change in the count of dislikes will start across YouTube today. You can find out more by checking out the official YouTube video from producer Lion Matt Cowell.

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    I have noticed these changes on my viral YouTube channel with 15 subscribers!

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