Xiaomi display 200W fast charging and 120W wireless charging.

The company has try out a 200W fast wired charging solution and a 120W wireless charging technology for smart-phones.

Xiaomi has try out the world’s fastest wired and wireless charging solutions for smartphones. However, until now we have just seen 100W fast wired charging mixture from some Chinese OEMs, Xiaomi is picking things up a mark.

Xiaomi’s Hyper Charge Tech Sets a New World Record for a fastest charging already. But this is not the first time that built these type charge. The company already introduced 100W fast charging technology in 2019 and 120W fast charging in Mi 10 Ultra last year.

Moreover, Xiaomi try out its 200W HyperCharge technology on a modified Mi 11 Pro with a 4,000mAh battery. With 200 W charging capacity the phone charged from 0-100 percent in less than 8 minutes, while a 50 percent charge took just 3 minutes.

As for its 120W wireless charging technology, it charged the modified Mi 11 Pro to 10 percent in just one minute. While a 50 percent charge took 7 minutes. For a full charge, the phone took just 15 minutes.

Xiaomi claims its latest HyperCharge technology has set a new world record for charging speeds, both wired and wirelessly. With Charge up to 100% in just 8 minutes using wired charging and 15 minutes wirelessly.

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Though, Xiaomi’s statement does miss out on some important details. However, charging a battery so fast is bound to decrease its lifespan, which Xiaomi has not detailed in its announcement. This is also why we have not seen 100W wired charging solutions go mainstream despite Chinese smart-phone OEMs demoing them for well over a year now.

However, 200W fast charging solutions are generally proprietary in nature. This means you will need to use a specific charger and USB-C cable to attain such fast charging speeds.

The company also does not indicate if its HyperCharge technology will make its way to consumer devices. Given that Xiaomi’s previous 100W fast-charging solution never exactly went mainstream. It is safe to say that its 200W HyperCharge technology will continue to remain just a tech demo for the anticipated future.

Xiaomi Previously try out an 80W Wireless Charging Tech. Xiaomi did launch the Mi 10 Ultra in China last year with a rated wired charging speed of 120W. Tests, however, revealed that the phone never charged at full 120W speeds, though it still took just 21 minutes to fully charge its 4,000mAh battery.

Last but not least , OPPO and Realme have also shown fast charging wired and wireless charging solutions. With up to 120W charging speeds. However, none of the companies have entranced the technology in a consumer product yet.

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