The Surge C1 , xiaomi’s first self-developed Image Signal Processing chip.

At the Xiaomi Mega launch event, the company introduced its first self-developed image signal processing (ISP) chip, called the Surge C1.

Moreover, the xiaomi added that the surge c1 processor is different from the SoC and independently unite onto the motherboard. However, it should be noted that, this makes it an unconventional mobile phone imaging chip from Xiaomi with its own algorithm. The company also speak that this chip is a result of an investment of about RMB 140 million.

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Apart from this, the ISP chip uses the combination of the 3A algorithm as shown below. Which makes it more comfortable and reliable to use in mobile devices.

  1. AF– Auto Focus
  2. AWB– Accurate White Balance
  3. AE– Automatic Exposure

Auto Focus

The Auto Focus is used for faster focusing of subjects and evading the focussing issues on darker scenarios especially when the object in focus is smaller.

Accurate White Balance

The Accurate White Balance is useful for indemnification the white balance in a frame. When you have compound lighting throughout you.

3.Automatic Exposure

The Automatic Exposure is for hitting the correct exposure levels and improving the dynamic range in the process.

Additionally, the Surge C1 has includes a dual-filter configuration which assist it process both the low and high-frequency signals parallelly. It has aimed to get 100% signal efficiency when combine with 3A algorithms.

However, as mentioned above, the Surge C1 chip will be first deployed on the company’s first foldable phone, Mi MiX FOLD for aiding the lenses to improve the overall image quality.

Also, we can also expect this chip to run out to other Xiaomi devices in the near future. But we can not say much about it.

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