The smart ear wax cleaner, use it without damaging your ear.

Millions of people around the world use cotton swab to clean out their ears. However, it’s danger to perforating your eardrum for digging to much and also damaging your ear. Also cotton swap is not good to use for cleaning your ear. As a result of this SPADE offer the smart ear wax cleaner for you. It will clean your ear very smoothly without much damaging your inner ear part.

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The spade smart ear wax cleaner is the smarter, healthier, and much cooler way to clean your ears out .it has include 3 megapixel camera that wirelessly stream a full view of the inside of your ear to mobile device so you can clean your ears without damaging it. Moreover, smart ear wax cleaner has 6 inner-mounted LEDS to provide lighting , four different shapes and lasts up to 60 days on a single charge.

Features of spade ear wax cleaner:

  1. 3 MPX sensor camera : it wirelessly stream a full views of the inside of your ear for safely cleaning .
  2. 6 inner-mounted LED : for added brightness to see the inside of ear without much difficulty .
  3. Temperature control : keeps a safe ,comfortable room temperature when inside your ear.
  4. Wi-fi connectivity : for connect the camera on your phone via wi-fi.
  5. Ear-picks : gently scoops out stubborn earwax at any depth without missing a spot.
  6. 350 mAh battery : lasts up to 60 days on a single charge .
  7. In- box : charger , storage & document .

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