Task mate app : to earn money doing simple tasks on your smartphone.

Recently , Google introduce their application task mate in India. With this application users will earn money directly . Moreover, task mate app give us some small task like upload some pictures of something, answer the survey questions of some company’s products, photos of shop etc. Additionally, translate language from one to another local (English to Gujarati or Hindi or etc) and install some application .

Right-now this application is under a beta level. However, you can participate in tasks that you are interested in or skip anyway.

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This application will available on google play store. After the use of this app users will be paid money in their local currency for the task that they complete accurately and safely without any difficulty.

However, the task is very simple anyone could done without any proper knowledge about it . These application is very useful for people who work from home as freelancer. Furthermore, user will get a simple task such as a take a photo of shop, record spoken sentences etc .

Moreover, it also give us information about how much work can we done and how much left out with percentage. And also users will get to know how much amount of money they will earn through this application . However, You will be paid in your local currency for the tasks that you completed. Additionally, you will need an account with a third party payment processor like pay-pal etc. However, when you ready to cash out simply register your e-Walllet or account with their payment partner in app , then visit their profile page and hit the “ cash out” button . After then you can withdraw your earnings in your local currency . This app is not fully Develop right now so that they launch for very few people yet.

How can we get referral code for task mate app:

Task mate has beta app made by google that provide access to some simple task about business . Moreover, in a time of launching the application google make sure only 100 people will get the referral  code . Only first 100 people who install the application after that no one will get it. So if you can install an application it will ask about referral code but no referral code is available right now.

And also I think this 100 users who get the referral code should also the company’s own employee’s who download the app just to test working condition . They just want to promote application and after all set they give us the referral code of application .

Advice :

If you continue use wrong referral code again and again google will block you permanently . You will not use same id next time so my advice is to be patient google give you the code after some time.

Note : this article is as per my knowledge. i can not make sure this is 100% correct thank you .

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