Samsung ISOCELL 2.0 sensor for provide more realistic photos.

Samsung has established their next generation image sensor technology called ISOCELL 2.0. Back in 2013 Samsung introduced cutting –edge ISOCELL technology. Which integrate physical barriers between pixels to separate them. The ISOCELL technology reduced cross-talk between pixel-by round about 30%, compared to BSI pixel thus improving the color fidelity. And it also increased full well capacity by 30%, permit pixels to absorb and process more light.

How ISOCELL 2.0 increase the quality.

Samsung has now introduced next level ISOCELL 2.0 technology. Samsung upgrade the technology by replacing the metallic grid between color filters with a new material. Which provide better range of quality material. In the first generation ISOCELL pixels slight optical loss arise. When the metallic grid between the colour filters absorbed small portions of the incoming light.

To overtaking this problem, ISOCELL 2.0 has represent ISOCELL PLUS, the first phase of ISOCELL 2.0’s development. ISOCELL plus replaced the metal barriers with an optimized new material. However, the barriers still supress some metal that caused the lower parts of the colour filer barriers to suck up light, resulting in some optical loss.

Now, the second phase of ISOCELL 2.0 put back the lower portion of the colour filter barriers with a more deliberate material. However, It further reduce optical loss in each pixel surpassingly improves light sensitivities, allowing smart-phones to produce even more realistic pictures with reduced noise.

By enabling enhanced light sensitivity ISOCELL 2.0 authorized even smaller pixel in the sensor to engage more light, giving the sensor the tools it needs to produce photography that are made up of a greater number of pixel. However, This enables the production of images with very fine details without compromising the sensor’s vivid colour duplications.

However, Light is most important factor when it comes to producing high quality photos and your smart-phones images sensor is responsible for processing that light. Equipping your phone to make the very most out of the light available. ISOCELL 2.0 is sanction you to use your smart-phone to capture memorable moments in stunning quality anytime anywhere.

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