Researchers Develop New Electronic Paper For Kindle with colour display.

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Kindle With Colour Display? Researchers Develop New Electronic Paper That May Make It Possible

Most ebook readers and also kindle generally use glare-free display and a electronic ink display, or electronic paper. That only give visual in Black and White colours, which limiting their use to some extent. However, Researchers at the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden are working on a new type of paper-thin display. That gives an flowless colour display and decreases energy waste by using ambient light. Being energy-intensive also makes these displays commercially viable.

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Generally, digital displays on Ebook readers use a backlight to brighten the text or images. This works good in indoors but it puts a lot of stress on the eyes to adjust when viewed under bright sunlight.

Moreover, the researchers, who have publish their study in the journal Nano Letters, said they have use tungsten trioxide as the core material in their technology because of the material’s ability to control how light is absorb and reflect. Also, these reflective screens are as thin as paper and thus are sometimes called “electronic paper.”

The researchers have used a once researched, porous and nanostructured material, containing tungsten trioxide, gold, and platinum, to try a new tactic for colour optimisation. They inverted the design in a way to allow colours to materialize much more correctly on the display, confirm by report in Cision.

These reflective display have other advantages too. They are less weak for the eyes compare to looking at a regular display.

Explains research leader Andreas Dahlin, Professor at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Chalmers.

“Our main goal when developing these reflective display, or ‘electronic paper’. As it is sometimes termed, is to find sustainable, energy-saving solutions,”

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