Realme x7 5G pro with 6.55″ samsung super AMOLED display introduced.

Yesterday, Realme introduced the Realme x7 5g pro and Realme x7. This phone has dimensity 1000+ 5G processor with a 120 HZ/240HZ samsung super AMOLED full screen display and support for 65W super dart charger. Moreover, realme x7 just got sony 64 megapixel quadcore camera with IMX686 GPU sensor.

The smart-phone includes 4096 levels of brightness adjustment of low blue light. Furthermore, this is realme’s most cutting edge phone screen to date.

The smart-phone has a 6.55″ samsung super AMOLED full screen compact thin display with pixel resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixel & maximum 1,200 nit brightness.

It has storage with 8 GB ram and 128 GB rom .

RAM : 8 GB LPDDR4X four channel.

ROM : 128 GB UFS21 + turbo write.

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Realme x7 5G pro has newly upgraded ultra 64 megapixel camera with f /2.4 portrait lens which adopt a multi-frame synthesis,engines,motion higher than ever and 64 megapixel the pro mode breaks through the environment limited which directly output 6 megapixel large photos.

The smart-phone also has super night scape mode 4.0 for night time photo shoot. Moreover, pro nightscope mode support maximum ISO adjustment , customizable exposure time along with other setting ,shoot authentic , bright and dynamic nighttime photograph.

Phone is powered by dimensity 1000+ uese 7mm low-power process technology , CPU frequency can reach up to 2.6 GHZ , featuring performance is 20 % higher. Realme x 7 pro is first phone to support 5G+5G dual sim dual standby ,with dual wi-fi network acceleration technology. Additionally, with a 4500mAh massive battery, you can play videos for 15 hours straight without worry.

Additionally, with a 4500mAh massive battery, you can play videos for 15 hours straight without worry. Moreover , the smart-phone has the super power saving mode, even if you only have 5% battery left. You can still chat for a whopping 89 minutes on texting. Never worry about your phone’s battery life ever again.

Realme x7 pro has features esports-grade vc liquid cooling technology. The five level ice -cold heat dissipation system is compose of super – large vc soakit plates , multi dimensional graphic copper foil heat dissipation and other higher efficiency heat dissipation material .

The heat dissipation area covers an impression 15,509 mm^2 , featuring a 100% coverage of heat source . This reduce the core temperature to as low as 10 degree to feel the comfortable flash charger while gaming .

This phone has launch with price 29,999 rupees . It’s first sale is on 10 feb on and flipkart.


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  1. The configuration of Dimensity 800U along with 50W SuperDart charging feature and the amazing display for 20k is an amazing deal and makes the Realme X7 5G worth the money.

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