Quora introduced “Quora+ Subscription” to their writers

Have you ever read a wonderful post and thought you would choose to support the author in meaningful way with just one click?.  However, with Quora+, now you can!. When you subscribe to Quora+, your subscription fee is grante to the authors with whom you spend time with, without you having to do anything else. Moreover, the creators have been working for the past month, writing and registering their posts in the Quora+ content bundle. All you need to do to sign up for these platform to support them. Also read : PUBG: NEW STATE Battle Royale Mobile Game Pre-Registrations Starts In India

What do I get with my Quora+ subscription?

With Quora+, you get direct-to-the-source skills, personal stories and experiences from people who have been there and done it. And also thoughtful reflections from inspiring personalities. You get access to the best writing on these platform, chosen specifically for you. Most importantly, you get known as a supporter of good writing on platform, helping writers to further their passion.

Here’s what the physicist and author Viktor Toth had to say about what the program means for him:

As a longtime writer, I am very please to see Quora moving into this direction. There are people with unique talent writing on Quora — I learn something new every day — and this will definitely help to reward them, retain them, and attract other writers.”

What does this mean for Quora?

However, with questions like writing prompt and Quora’s distribution platform that match readers with authors. Quora has been called the best place to share knowledge on the Internet. There’s still so lot of potential for growth in knowledge sharing, especially for the unique experiences and perspectives that characterize Quora’s best authors. You can’t find anywhere else, as they’re very personal to Wikipedia yet very valuable to be buried as a blog post or Tweet.

Furthermore, Quora+ will not only enable existing writers to earn, but it will draw a whole new set of writers who previously weren’t able to contribute. Also read : Coocaa Coolita OS 1.0 Smart TV OS Launched With S3U Pro 32″ TV In India

Lastly, if you’d like to become a contributor, head over to Quora.com/monetization to learn how to get start. And follow the Creator Hub Space for tips and insights to grow your writing footprint on Quora.

If you’re ready to sign up, you can do that here. Your first 30 days are free!


How does earning work?
Participating authors are paid proportionally by Quora+ members based on their association with their content.

Does this mean Quora isn’t free anymore?
Most of Quora will be free. We use an adaptive paywall that balances exposure and subscriber growth with earnings, so writers don’t have to guess what to write or what audience will be interested in. We’ll have lot to say about this, including a special Q&A with economist Scott Kominers, on the market design and incentive dynamics of the adaptive paywall. Also read : Telegram V8.0 Update Include Flexible Forwarding And More

When will the first payments be made?
If you’re already contributing content to Quora+, the first payment will be for eligible people in October.

Can someone re-share my content and make money from it?
Sharing content you like is a basicl feature of social platforms, so it doesn’t change. But we understand that sharing your free content in a place where someone else can make money from it feels bad.

We’re still working on a few things, but we’re guide by two principles: readers should always be able to find the free version of the subscription Space. And Spaces which only contain re-share content without anything original are not expect to earn from Quora+. Also read : Realme GT Neo 2 With 6.62-Inch FHD+ 120Hz AMOLED Display Certified

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