Noise Air Buds Plus truly wireless earbuds review

The Noise Air Buds Plus are the latest mid-range pair of true wireless earphones in the Indian TWS market. These are price around Rs3,000, taking on earbuds from brands like xiaomi, realme, etc. The Noise Air Buds Plus comes with a healthy number of gesture control which aren’t seen on low price products. The battery is also good comparison to other brands.

Noise Air Buds Plus price in India and availability

The Noise Air Buds Plus were launched in India last month. They are currently price at Rs 2,499. They are available only in White colour options. Amazon is the online sales partner.

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Design and fit

There is a lot of option available when it comes to buy the true wireless earbuds. However, if you want to buy there is two most considerable choice is either an in-ear earbud or half-in ear. The Noise Air Buds plus is built with a in-ear style design headphone. The design is pretty minimal – the buds are built with glossy plastic and each bud weighs just 4.5 grams. 

Moreover, the design of the tip is a bit angled so they can fit in your ear very comfortably. After all these are in-ear earbuds, there is option to switch between eartips. Moreover, with silicone ear tips you can experience most comfortable fitting.They include stem design and the size of the stem is one of the smallest I’ve come across. The top of the stem is where you link with the buds to control media, calls, and more. 

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The earbuds come with microphone, which is used to make calls. The buds are also IPX4 rated for protection against water. Further, you can use them during workouts and gym sessions. And also it comes with Hyper sync technology.

I have come with a good experience during my testing time. First, I was afraid a little that the earbuds might fall out of my ear due to the half in-ear style design and glossy finish. But, it doesn’t happened at all. I also asked a few of my friends to try out the TWS and the reaction I got back was a pretty good. They also feel that in-ear gives them better protection and comfortable fit. 

About the case, it looks like the egg and also comes with a pearl white finish colour. On the top, the company put the name of the brand and to the back, there is a USB type-C port available for charging the case. Moreover, in the inside magnet hold the buds very tightly without falling out. Additionally, the case is such a small to put in our pocket also. The pearl white finish makes it much less prone to scratches and dirt can be easily wipe out. The case weighs 47 grams. 

Sound quality

The Noise Air Buds Plus comes with Bluetooth version 5.0 and has a wireless Bluetooth range of 10m. The 10-metre range is pretty standard and I could move around my home and across the hall without losing the connectivity.

The air buds plus come with 6mm speaker drivers with deep bass. However, compare to its previous version the earbuds plus comes with a good sound quality. The mids and highs are crisp and clear. The instrument separation is not the best but decent. The vocals come out good too.

One thing that I was concern about is its bass quality. There is no powerful bass that takes some Bollywood, western songs to the next level. Right when you expect to have a powerful bass in your ear, the buds don’t deliver it. I think the half in-ear design might be the reason for lack of bass here. 

Further, the music gets really loud here and even for the person who has a habit of listening with full volume on, these might make you bring down the volume a bit. There is no sound issue with these buds. Overall, for the price of these sound good but lack bass which most of the people in India prefer. 

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However, I am pretty amaze with the Mic quality onboard. The Air Buds come with one microphone on each bud and they can be use in mono or stereo modes. The call quality was excellent in my testing. I was on call for about 45 minutes throughout the day and none of the person on another end take up the issue with my voice. 

Moreover, I have used the earphones in outdoors condition such as the bike or which running cycle. On both timed, the results were very good. However, you will have to talk a bit louder than usual if you are running. Overall, the Noise Air Buds took me by surprise in this segment which is not the case with most of the other TWS in this segment. 

Controls and features

Noise air buds Plus have all possible features to the tiny body. You will have to access the touch sensitivity pad on the top end of the stem to interact with the TWS. 

Talking about the buttons, A single tap on the left bud will decrease the volume while a single tap on the right bud takes the volume increase. Moreover, to answer the incoming call, you can tap once on either bud and tap twice to end the call. Touch and holding the buds for 2 seconds will reject the incoming call. The same gesture can be use to access the voice assistant. 

Furthermore, for media controls, the Noise Air Buds come with a double-tap on either bud to play/pause media. A triple tap on the left bud will take you to the previous track and go to the next track, you have to tap thrice on the right bud.

Basically, I try all these features and all of them worked really well. Apart from that, Noise has done a pretty good job with adding features here which most of the budget TWS miss out on.

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The company claims these buds can last up to 4 hours on a single charge and a total 20 hours with the charging case. However, during my testing, these numbers turn out to be better than what the company claimed. With 100% volume set, the buds lasted for 4 hours and 30 minutes on a single charge which is way more than what the company set. If you set volume in between 70% to 80%, you can get over 5 hours on a single run for sure. 

Charging takes about 70 to 80 minutes for earbuds and about 2 hours including the case. The inclusion of Type-C port for charging is good to see for a budget TWS. The charging case can give you additional 3-4 cycles based on your usage. The only problem is that the Noise Air Buds lacks fast charging. 

Additionally, it includes instacharge technology, with that you can take 80-mins of playtime in 8-min of charge.

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Purchase it if…

You want good battery life

The Noise Air Buds Plus gives you more than 4 hours and 30 minutes of usage time. With 80% volume, you can take it over 5 hours.

Calls are a priority

One of the amazing turnarounds was the mic quality. The Noise Air Buds did a good job with all the calls without any problem.

Not Purchase it if..

You want more bass

The half in-ear style design of the Noise Air Buds makes the earbuds produce less bass compared to the in-ear TWS. You won’t get the powerful bass feel here. 

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