Netflix try out“Play Something” button on their Android app.

Netflix announced a new button called “Play Something” in previous month. This feature help user to decide what to watch next in the TV. Now company starting to hand out this attribute to their mobile apps. And they first try this on android smart-phone.

However, there is always a reason behind the new release. Thus, the reason behind Netflix introducing such a feature is that they noticed that users sometimes struggled to decide on what to watch on Netflix. Moreover, with “Play Something”, users can leave the choice option to an conclusion that will select content for the user based on the following :

  • A series or film on their list
  • A series or film that the user is already watching,
  • A brand-new series or film
  • An unfinished series or film that the user may want to revisit.
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Furthermore, with a enlarge list of content, the company is trying to make sure that people stay on their app. And not change to another streaming platform for content.

Last but not least, the Play Something button will take shape in various places in the app. Netflix is testing it with a limited set of users and probably will hand out soon to everyone. How well the feature works will depend on how their algorithm is and Netflix will surely tweak it based on their tests.

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