NASA’S perseverance rover successfully landed on red planet along with ingenuity mars helicopter today.

NASA’S mars rover perseverance,will hit the final stage of seven months journey from the earth today 2:25 am in India. Today’s perseverance landing set the NASA’S future mars exploration missions. The spacecraft to landed the rover perseverance in the jezera crater on mars at about 2:25 am in Indian timing . That time was when the signal from the space craft arrival on earth based on a light travel time of 11 minute and 22 seconds from the mars.

NASA’S perseverance rover will set the stage for scientist to define whether life has existed to the red planet or not. Which characterized mars geology, collect carefully selected rocks samples for future return to earth, climate. And also paving the way for humankind missions to the fourth planet from the sun. But this landing is just the beginning for NASA’S red planet landing mission. The real difficulties is start from now as it is set to roll over the surface of mars. We do not know what’s hiding on the red planet and NASA also have to protect the rover from the upcoming difficulties.

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NASA includes the nuclear battery –powered rover, roughly the size of a small SUV. It will embark on the primary objective of its two-year mission. And also engaging a complex suite of instruments in the search for signs of microbial life. That may have flourized on mars billion of years ago.

This rover’s advance power tools will drill samples from the red planet and seal them into small tubes for return to earth for further analysis. This information is the first collected by mankind from the surface of another planet.

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