MIUI 13 present: New Gallery Icons and Xiaomi Home

Xiaomi continues to test the new design language that will come with MIUI 13 in MIUI 12.5. Here are the new MIUI 13 features that are the work of the new design!

Xiaomi continues to add new icons and designs to its apps with new app updates. Today, Xiaomi Home and new gallery icons have been added to MIUI. The new design is clearer, simpler and more pleasing to the eye.

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New Gallery Icons

Xiaomi has replaced the icons in the Sync with Mi account section in the MIUI Gallery with new ones. More care has been taken compared to the old design and the colors look simple and clear. We will be able to see these plain colors in all systems with the new update.

New Home UI

With the new Xiaomi Home, a more simple and easy design has been create. Xiaomi’s home interface makes perfect use of the simplicity of MIUI 13. However, this change applies not only to MIUI 13, but also to all Android devices that can be install on Xiaomi Home.

The fact that Xiaomi tests the new MIUI 13 feature every day with the new 12.5 beta version shows how close we are to it. Finally,it is expect to launch a stable version of Xiaomi’s new launch on December 28 or 16.

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