Microsoft launched new operating system Windows 11 after 6 years.

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Computer software company Microsoft has launched a new operating system for its computer after 6 years. The company has named this next generation windows ‘ Windows 11’. Microsoft had earlier launched Windows 10 in 2015.

The windows 11 updates will be available on all computers and laptops by the end of this year. Windows 10 users will get the new update for free. The first edition of the windows operating system was launch back in 1985. The special thing about windows 11 is that it will also support apps running on Android  OS.

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Features of Windows 11

Android Apps on Microsoft Store

Android mobile apps can be download to pc in windows 11 update. Also 4k TV can be connect wirelessly. streaming media like Disney Plus Hot star can also be seen in Wndows 11.

AUTO HDR gaming

Now you can play a game different from the classic game and HDR on pc. Windows 11 HDR will automatically adjust the color and light according to the game . This features is found in windows Xbox. Microsoft said it would includes total of 1,000 games in HDR, including Empire Definitive Edition, Rocket League, Day Z and Doom 64.

Speed will boost

The update will work at higher speeds as soon as sleep mode is remove. Search speed will increase in Edge and web browsers. It can be upload directly to the graphics card using the direct storage features, this will reduce the time it takes to render graphics.

Pen and voice support with cool touch

New update will get space between icons. it can now be easily resize and move. The on-screen keyboard can be redesign and customize. Its pen will be able to operate the features of windows 11. It will have the experience of a real pen.

Voice recognition will be available in the new OS for voice recognition. Now speaking can be easily type. The company claims that it will only write speech recording. It also has an auto correction features.

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