Microsoft 365 update brings several new features for Microsoft Teams, Outlook and more

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Microsoft bring in it’s next version of Windows operating system yesterday during an event, called Windows 11. The integration of Microsoft Teams is the one update announced for Windows 11. However, Microsoft also announced some new features for Microsoft 365 suite of applications, of which Microsoft Teams is a part of.

Microsoft Teams is providing 3 new updates, starting with the ability to sharply create tasks right from a Teams message. From any message, click on the More actions ⇾ Create Task, and once created, they will all be appeared in the Tasks app.

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The second feature that Microsoft introduced is totally useable where organizers and presenters in a video call can select and highlight up to seven participants at the same time during meetings.

organizers now have power over an attendee’s audio and video permissions. And also they can arrange to have all attendees’ camera-enabled or disabled before the meeting.

The next update to Microsoft 365 is for Outlook. Which is getting a new Organization Explorer where users can quickly find, discover, and explore people and relationships in an organization.

Microsoft 365 includes a new feature in Microsoft Search called Microsoft Graph connectors. That will allow users to search for information and content in more locations. And along with it, profile cards have been update to include information from human resource management (HRM) systems like Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, and more.

Microsoft 365’S include updates

  • Cortana has now been integrate with Outlook Mobile.
  • A new scheduler that allows users to automate meeting scheduling.
  • Added tools to measure the reach and impact of Yammer discussions.
  • Support for Office scripts for repetitive tasks in Excel.
  • New start page for Visio on the web.

All of these updates will be rolling out to Microsoft 365 within this month.

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