Instagram will allow people to limit comments and DM requests with Limits feature.

Recently, Instagram has been immovably improving upon the tools available to fight abusive behaviour and harassment on the app. However, the latest upgrade will help stop users from receiving unwanted comments and messages with a new feature called ‘Limits feature’. And also dusplay the stronger warnings to discourage harassment.

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Moreover, the new ‘Limits’ feature is mainly useful if you are enticipate rush of abusive comments and DMs. With the feature turned on, you can automatically hide comments and DM requests from people who don’t follow you, or who only recently followed you. The feature can be found within the privacy settings, with an option to toggle it on or off.

Further, when a user again and again tries to post potentially offensive comments. Instagram will now show a stronger warning that reminds them of Instagram’s Community Guidelines. And that the comment may be remove or hidden if they proceed.

Lastly, Instagram has expand upon their abuse prevention tools that were introduce in April, 2021. However, it is now available to everyone globally and the list of potentially offensive words, hashtags and emojis that Instagram automatically filters out have been expand

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