7 Websites, where you can earn money from your smart-phone.

In our world more than 75% of people are doing job in different private sector company and almost half of them are not satisfying with their present salary as an employee. We all want some extra income in our free time . In this article i’ll write about a few websites where you can earn some extra money in your free time with mobile or laptop any one you have. All you need is just internet connection and mobile to earn from this websites.

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Following are the website where you can earn your second income from your mobile.

  1. Freelancing.com
  2. Superpay.me
  3. Youcubez.com
  4. Appen.com
  5. Mostphotos.com
  6. Dreamstime.com
  7. Featurepoints.com

1  Freelancing.com

Freelancing is a website where you can find data entry related work as Freelancer and get paid for your work in dollar. All you need to know about basic computer knowledge such as MS-office, typing ,creating pdf , copy paste and accounting etc .

You can get work from 1800 different categories from different website IT, computer software, Finance company etc.

2 Superpay.me

Superpay.me is a free GPT (Get-Paid-To) website . Here they mostly focus it’s member to answer simple surveys to earn income. However superpay.me has provided few other options to earn extra money from it such as watching video , Take a part in online offers and many more . The website also pay you in dollar($), you can use your pay-pal account to draw your income from the website.

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3 You-cubez.com

Youcubez.com was established back in 2007. It’s work is same as superpay.me . since 2007, This website has gowns consistently and rapidly. Now, It has more then 603,389+ members all over the world. The website offer you paid surveys , view ads , watch video and also promote your business to over 603,389+ members they delivers over 75 million ads till date to earn extra money. Get paid through View ads, View website, Watch ads and Explore the internet. This will add some extra cash in your spare time.

4 Appen.com

Just like the previous websites. It’ll provide a flexible opportunities to work and cater to your schedule of simple tasks that, added up . All you need is a computer and internet connections.

Appen was ranked #1 in 2020 by flexible as a top 100 private sector company with remote jobs to earn income.

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5 Mostphotos.com

It is a website where you can earn money by simple uploading your mobile photos . Company give 12 $-35 $ for your photos that you upload. Some US based companies want these type of photos for

Survey of your country. You just need to upload your photos in this website . these could be anything tour nearby shops , group of people , buildings , food and many others.

6 Dreamstime.com

Dreamstime is one of the main stock image provider worldwide and one of the first launched community based stock photography agencies, Now counting 34 million member all over the world . You will see their images on magazines , book covers , online  and even in movies . it is available in 12 languages and they are leading player on fast growing market .

In this website you can earn money simply uploading your mobile photos and videos. This company’s give you money for your images and video . We can get 70-270 RS per photos and videos . This photos could be anything in your area shop ,accidents videos , selfies etc .

7 Featurepoints.com

Features points rewarded over $ 5,800,000 since 2012. They provide simple surveys, cash back and many extra work. Earn points by sharing your opinion with them. Draw income from Simply answer questions and get paid . Company’s like Gap, Gamestop, Walmart, Microsoft , Sephora and mecry are sell their products and in returned give cash-back with feature-point. This stores pay them commission for sending you to them , and they share it with us.  

In this websites you can earn money simply by using your mobile and internet.

Disclaimer : This article is as per our knowledge . We can not sure it’s 100% correct.

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