Government set up digital intelligent unit to deal with telecom frauds.

After the covid-19 pandemic somehow financial frauds are getting increase day by day. Shri Ravi Shankar on Monday proposed to set up ” Digital intelligent unit ” for getting control over the situation. Which has to be announce after a high-level meeting held to discuss to make digital transaction more secure and reliable.

The digital intelligent unit (DIU) has to be set up to defend the system against such a telecom frauds. DIU emerge with various financial institutes and telecom service providers in investigation and monetizing any fraudulent activity invoving telecom resources.

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During the meeting Mr. Prasad also directed the official to take stick action against the telemarketers and individual telecom subscribers. Also clear direction were issue to take strict and define action to stop such activities as soon as possible.

It has also decide that for effective handling of unsolicited commercial communication (UCC) and the financial frauds being done through misuse of telecom resource. A web/mobile application and SMS-based system will be develope for a redressal mechanism. This will enable telecom subscriber to lodge their complaint related to matters involving UCC”, the government added.

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