Google release the 24 new chrome theme to mark “Black history month”.

Google chrome is most famous and customizable browser in the world. Google called this month a Black history month. It offering a mixture of its own themes and also allowing third parties upload their own themes in it . As a matter of black Google this month acquired black creaters to help build new theme for the browser. This designers work with the chrome team to help build designs that would work with chrome browser  and the pitfalls you’ll find on the some third party themes.

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Group product manager of chrome said:

“ we commissioned 6 content contempory artists and invited them to turn chrome into their canvas working in different mediums and bringing different points of views, each artist has presented their interpretation of the way people use chrome . finding new knowledge ,connecting with each-other ,exploring our world and taking action towards our goals.”

In the new themes, they draw inspiration from a number of themes and cultures . With some being based in urban Americans and other are inspired by African culture. They release 24 themes to called this month a “Black history month”.

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Google’s black history month moves comes to support for black owned businesses new filter Maps. And shopping to help users surface Black owned business and also digital support for Black women in their subject.

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