Google Photos locked folder feature is starting to come for more Android smartphones

Google Photos

Google Photos at first introduced the lock folder feature in May but was only available for Google Pixel smartphones. But now, it looks like it is coming to more Android smartphones as the search giant promised. In October, Google announced that the feature would be available to more Android users in the future. The lock folder feature for Google Photos has started rolling out to more users but is currently only visible on difinite smartphones.

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The locked folder feature, as mentioned earlier, was introduced during the Google I / O event in May. Back then this feature was exclusive to Pixel smartphones. However, now more Android smartphones are starting to get this feature. Android Police was the first to discover this feature.

Since the rollout has not been officially announced, it is anticipate that the update will be rolled out gradually. Expect updates on all Android smartphones in the coming days or weeks. The locked folder for Google Photos on iOS is yet to arrive and may only arrive early next year.

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The Locked Folder feature will allow users to save photos and videos separately in a password protected folder. Once the media is stored in a locked folder, it will not appear when the user is browsing through Google Photos or any other gallery application in their smartphone. Ads by

Follow this guide on how to set up a locked folder in Google Photos. Users should also make sure that they have updated the application and that it is up to date. Once users have set up a locked folder, they can move existing media to a locked folder by tapping the Move Items option. Media in locked folders cannot be backed up or shared by Google Photos.

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