Google next android smartphone ,Android 12 is coming soon.

Google mistakenly release the upcoming android mobile Android 12. There are several months out from the public release, but developer previews and public betas will be here before you know it.

We believe that people are incredibly waiting to know about the exiting features of this phone. But as we don’t know much about the features of this release. Google shares documentation and source code with its partners in order to give them time to prepare for the release. With these leaked screen-shot we summarized the information about few features of Android 12.

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In this documents sum up , information update to the notification shade, new privacy notifications and controls, and maybe  Android’s Widgets. The notifications shade in Android 12 appears to no longer be transparent , instead it is an opaque shade of beige color. A separate section for Conversations continues to be there, and each section have more pronounced rounded curves. Another visible change is the number of quick setting toggles have been reduced to 4.

As you see in image above , Google will add some new privacy features in Android 12 . You receive the warning whenever the app is using the camera. And also you get to know about that which app will use the camera, with the tapping on the status bar icon. Google is also looking to add conversation widget. Google may also introduce a UI change to the Widgets .

We haven’t know the full details in documents we can’t 100 %  sure about these images. As soon as we get the details, we published about it.

Note : This article is written as per our knowledge. That’s why we can not say the article is 100% right.

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