Google Meet to implement 60-Minute Time Limit on Group Video Calls for Free Users

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Google Meet to Enforce 60-Minute Time Limit on Group Video Calls for Free Users

Google Meet will now implement a 60-minute limit on group video calls for it’s free users. However, this video calling service was available to all customers last year instead of just Enterprise or Education customers. And it had no time limit on calls for any number of participants.

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Google now introduce a 60-minute limit to group video calls, but the deadline was extend multiple times owing to the covid-19 pandemic. The time limit, however, is still only for calls with three or more participants. On the other end, the one-on-one video calls remain free of this restriction.

Moreover, Google Workspace users will now have to upgrade to a paid account to host unlimited group video calls with three or more participants. Google Meet has updated its guidelines that mention that free Gmail users can now host or take part a group call with three or more participants for only 60 minutes at a stretch.

The updated guidelines are also mention on the Google Meet Help website. “At 55 minutes, everyone gets a notification that the call is about to end. To extend the call, the host can upgrade their Google account. Otherwise, the call will end at 60 minutes,” the guidelines say.

Further, the replace in guidelines for Google Meet doesn’t affect customers on one-on-one calls but only users on group calls. And although creating a new Google Meet link is an easy task, it just adds another step to prolong the conversation.

Google meet is available for all of us until April 2020 last year. After that Google announced that it will limit meeting times to 60 minutes from September 2020. However, Google then expand the deadline for unlimited free calls to March. And finally the latest deadline was announced to be June 30.

The Google Meet Help website also mentions an upgrade for users if they wish to participate in unlimited group calls. The upgrade, Google Workspace Individual tier, has just been announce for $9.99 (roughly Rs. 745) per month in the US. If the meeting hosts upgrade to this plan, the calls can run for more than the specify 60-minute duration.

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