Google AI-Based Traffic Control System Claim a 20 percent reduction per delay

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Google is to be in frontline of smart readiness by using artificial intelligence to develope traffic signals in hopes of decreasing waiting time and inconsistencies. 

However, it is already tested at four traffic locations in Israel. In addition, AI assisted traffic control was able to cut down delays by 10 – 20 per cent. On Wednesday, Alphabet Inc’s Google introduce plans to deploy the software in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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What is Google’s AI traffic project about?

However, this project is still in its speedy research phase. And if it gets success, it can take away most of human error and delay correlated with present traffic signal mechanisms. Moreover, the AI-driven traffic signals showed fantastic results in Israel’s Haifa and Beer-Sheva regions. Rio de Janeiro’s municipal authorities told Reuters that they’re thrilled to see how it improves travel within the city.

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Currently, Google is facing pressure from both government entities and internal employees to do more in terms of combating climate change.

The world’s third most valuable company is in a tight spot, being force to address climate change on a bigger level. Recently, advocacy groups urged Google to stop selling its technology to oil companies and to politicians who disgrace climate change as a joke.

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Google and climate change

Google is also immerce its feet in various projects aim at highlighting climate change. Now, a fresh set of panels on the Google Maps application will display emissions shed by flights and the general rating of each flight in terms of environmental damage in the United States.

Furthermore, to limit the spread of climate change-related misinformation. Google is offering explanations in English, Spanish and French to all queries on its platform this month. The explanation for climate change will reflect the words of United Nations.


It’s still unclear how Google will roll out its technology, with no experience in traffic management and control. Even then, it should be an exciting experiment to witness AI optimisation of traffic.

Does your city also need AI’s assistance to solve its traffic woes? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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