FAU-G: Multiplayer beta now available for Download in India.

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nCORE Games has introduced FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards multiplayer beta after the campaign mode was launched back in january. However in the multiplayer version, you fight against a team of 5 in pvp team death match. And also there is a Bazaar map. You can also select from arrange of lethal weapons and the beta veraion has 10 minutes time limit per match and you need to kill atleast 40 people or the team with maximum number of kills before the match ends wins.

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Moreover you can Download FAU-G : Multiplayer for Android from Google play store.

Furthermore about the game FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards multiplayer beta, the company said:

Get into the campaign mode and become a valiant soldier or get you battle buddies. And also stack your aiming and tracking skills against a team of 5 in an unforgivingly fast and hostile PVP team deathmatch mode. Choose from a range of lethal weapons and experience a soldier’s thrill and adrenaline rush at the forefront of battle. Experience fast action packed gameplay in a closes sandbox with 5 opposing combatants and real world inspired weapons.

Get into our first TDM map, Bazaar,a sub-urban environment, coupled with ample cover and vantage points to take that defining shot and cament your victory.

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