Comet Leonard will pass through Earth on December 12 after 35,000 years

Comet Leonard

Comet Leonard is considered to be the brightest comet of our lifetime. It passes close to the Earth once in 35,000 years. This is what we call C / 2021 A1. Moreover, when it passes over the earth, something green glow will appear from it.

Scientifically this is a very bright comet. From time to time it appears in space. However, the comet, which poses a threat to Earth, is indebted to us for being “wonderful,” explains Marco Mitchell, astronomer at the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Near-Earth Object Coordination Center.

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What is Comet Leonard?

 The first image of a comet, discover by Greg Leonard on January 3, 2021, was take from the Mount Lemon Observatory in Arizona. The comet is said to be located near the heart of NGC 4631 (known as the Whale Galaxy).

With an orbital period of 80,000 years, comet Leonard or C / 2021 A1 is the longest-distance comet from the extreme reach of the Solar System. At its farthest point from the sun, the distance of the affiliate extends to 3,700 AU.

 Will the brightest comet appear in India?

As the brightest comet ever, the comet’s blank green glow is thought to be visible through the n * ked eye. According to experts, it would be preferable to carry a binocular or telescope to observe the comet. The comet will also be visible from India.

 According to a Channel TV report, the Virtual Telescope Project in Rome, Italy, will showcase the Internet viewing event for Comet Leonard at 11:15 CST and IST on December 12 at 10:45 AM.

Best time to see a comet:

 The comet will appear in the evening sky after sunset on December 14th. According to scientists, Leonard will be closest to Earth on December 12. Astronomers believe that December 17 will be the best day to see him.

According to scientists, the best time to look at a comet is early morning in the east direction. Before sunrise, it will appear at its highest point.

 Comet Leonard is said to have exited the Solar System after passing Earth and the Sun. The comet is unlikely to return to Earth. It will probably pass through another star system light-years away.

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