Apple & Intel start testing chip designs with TSMC’s 3nm technology.

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Apple and Intel will be the first two major brands to make the chips with TSMC’s 3nm process technology. The two brands are right now testing chip designs with this technology. Apple and Intel will probably reduplicate these chips for devices slated to launch in the second half of the next year.

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However, with the updated 3 nm process technology, TSMC declare performance will increase by 10-15% compared to the preceding generation, and power consumption will lower by 25% to 30%. But right now, Apple uses TSMC’s 5nm technology for their iPhone 12 series smart-phones.

Apple will first feature 3nm chips in the 2022 iPad. And for this year’s iPhone SoC, Apple will use an mediater 4nm process technology.

Moreover, the second company to work together with TSMC for their 3nm chips is Intel. Who apparently has chip volume planned than Apple. Intel is planning to work with TSMC for their chips until they can get their own in-house chip manufacturing technology back on track.

Last but not least, Intel has many processor chips projects planned with TSMC. Such as include two 3-nm projects for producing CPUs for upcoming notebooks and data center servers. The company is surface stiff competition from rivals such as NVIDIA and AMD, and is struggling to maintain market share. Hence, they have opted to work with their chip-manufacturer rival, TSMC.

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