Apple i-Phone 13 series features portrait video built-in and more

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Launching date of Appleā€™s next generation Apple i-Phone 13 series smart-phones are just a few months away from launch. And rumours about the smart-phone features are came out today. Apple will be introducing portrait video as a built-in feature.

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Apple i-Phone 13 series will apparently feature larger induction coils that will enable better wireless charging. Moreover, if the i-Phone 13 does have big induction coils, it will offer a few benefits. Such as, the maximum wattage for wireless power hand over could be increase. And the heat excess will be better. Another viable benefit is the ability to enable reverse charging.

The iPhone 12 series does also support wireless charging. However, it has limit to a maximum of 15 W. Furthermore, the second rumour is that the portrait video feature. Which Apple recently introduced for Face-time, will be coming to all iPhone 13 models as a standard camera feature

Last but not least, Earlier rumours suggest also that the iPhone 13 Pro models will feature auto-focus capabilities for the ultra-wide camera. Along with sensor-shift technology and improved low-light performance for all models.

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